Monday, 20 August 2012

New! International School in Puchong

Good news for Puchong Residents.  Come 2013 you will be able to enrol your children into international school.  And in 2014, your children can also enrol in private school for primary students.Start registering your children!. 

The schools are to be located at 16 Sierra Puchong.  The schools are setup by Rafflesia Education Group, and will have a built-up area of about 200,000 sq ft. They can take in about 1,100 students.

The Rafflesia International School will follow the British National Curriculum, and will have programs for Nursery & Preschool (Ages 3 to 5 Years) right up to Cambridge Secondary 2 (Ages 14 to 16 Years).

The private primary school, called Sekolah Rendah Rafflesia, will follow the  Malaysian KSSR curriculum.  It will offer Mathematics and Science subjects to be taught in English (something that the national schools and national-type schools  are not allowed to do). 

Some interesting facts about international schools in Malaysia..  Currently, there are 70 international schools, with total enrolment of 27,000 students. By year 2020 the Ministry of Education expects the total enrolment to increase to 75,000 students.

The boom in international students will come mostly from (affluent) local Malaysians who can afford the high school fees.    In early 2012, the Malaysian government education abolish the 40% quota for locals to enrol in international  schools, making it possible for international schools to increase their intake of  local students,

So are you going to start pre-registering your child for the private or international schools in Puchong?

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